Delhi6 – Sonam looks & AR Rahman Music Rocks !

Delhi6 not only makes comeback of Kabutar but also Sonam Kapoor trying to move away from grave of movie Saawariya. Guess what? all is looking good for a while. Kabutars are looking cool with super

Kabutar makes bollywood comeback with Delhi6

Kabutar (aka Pigeon) makes bollywood comeback after a long time. It has played important part in getting lovers closer and closer.   From good old days of Meine Pyar Kiya

Get Dancing with Dostana & Desi Girl

Festive season is around the corner and if you were looking for  hot music to dance out big time – then Dostana music is a very good choice. Forget the meaning, all songs are foot-tap

Dostana, Karan Johar Gloss N Floss is Back

Karan Johar is best known for his candy floss and gloss movies. He tried to be different with movie ‘Kaal’ which bombed all corners. Kjo is back with his usual gloss with movie

Did Someone Kidnap Drona? Looks Like…

Movie Drona and Kidnap released on the same weekend and are heading for similar Fate. Both movies were super hyped and in most likelihood be super FLOP. Did some kidnap Drona? Yes, makers of respective movies. They did

Abhishek Spill Drona on TV – Big time !

Movie Drona is a fatansy  flick that has gobbled up lot of money while making. Baby B is trying all ends to let people know about this big screen fantasy. Abhishek Bachchan made a crap appear

Priyanka the BodyGaurd, who would mind that?

Priyanka Chopra is no more a lover babe – she gets ready for some action stuff with dash of martial arts. She is playing bodyguard in upcoming flick DRONA. She needs to protect Abhishek Bachchan,

The Unforgettable Tour on NDTV Imagine

The Unforgettable Tour is making all buzz in entertainment world featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Bachchan, Preity Zinta and Ritiesh Deshmukh. After all the action, catch it on small screen on NDTV Imagine. NDTV Imagine has announced its association with the Unforgettable Tour featuring the brightest stars from

Unforgettable Tour, Bachchan & Co from July 18

If you are still not TIRED of seeing the Bachchan trio in movie ‘Sarkar Raj’ promos… well they are going live. Yup, Bachchan & Co live concert “The Unforgettable Tour” kick start on July 18 in Toronto. The first leg of the tour spans 10 cities, traveling to destinations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Trinidad […]

Amitabh Bachchan Launch his official Blog ADDA

“…this is my blog..welcome to it and hope we have a pleasant time reacting with each other. i shall start with a few views on my upcoming film ‘Bhoothnath’.. hope you will give your comments.” This is how Big B welcomed blog readers on his personal blog. Yeah, our bollywood celebs are becoming more tech […]