Shahrukh & Aamir together – Money Ka Magic !

Money can make any monkey dance. Well, here we are talking about the actor Shahrukh Khan (not dog SRK, remember?)…


… and Mr perfectionist who seem to have Ghajini disease in real life. Aamir forgot, he was at war with SRK but now standing near him and smiling. Not good? – ha, it has to be good – money ka magic is all over.

After the above crap talk, coming to the point. Both superstars SRK and Aamir came together, sat next to each other, smiled at different intervals and made interesting speech (was boring!) to open deadlock between movie producers and multplex owners.

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FYI – multiplexes are not showing any new bollywood movies due to fight over %age sharing of profit between them and movie wallas – that is why Aamir and Shahrukh came together. Make sense, its all about money – honey!

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