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Narmada, Govinda’s daughter bollywood debut

Narmada Ahuja is Govinda’s daughter ready to enter bollywood. First, lets get her name spelling correct – numerologist Niraj Mancchanda already added few more M and A to her name. Her numerologisticly correct name is Narmmadaa.

Tara Sharma pregnant photo session for ???

Just stumbled upon images of still so beautiful and in shape Tara Sharma – in a pregnant photo session. Hollywood is known for glamour babes

Jana Gana Mann Rann – truth is Terribly BAD

Ram Gopal Verma is back with his dark movie offering coupled with cheap publicity stunt for upcoming  flick ‘Rann- truth is terrible’. For sake of freedom of speech, Ramu

Love Aaj Kal – Saif or Deepika, guess taller?

Saif Ali Khan is also bumping into movie production maala – maal business with first home production movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’. Saif’s “Dear love” Kareena Kapoor could not

Hrithik do Macroman underwear in style, is it?

Hrithik Roshan got great body and huge following – perfect for a chaddi – baniyan brand. Macroman brand must have thrown lot of money to get duggu in underwear. He isn’t too desperate to pose in underwear

Rocket Singh aka Ranbir Kapoor as Sardar

Ranbir Kapoor is the latest actor to be seen in sardar avatar complete with beard and turban in movie Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year. Finally, Yash Raj movies is doing something

IIFA 2009 in Macau, China – Nomination List

Bollywood’s biggest and most glitz – gloss laden awards show opens in Macau (China) from May 11th to the 13th. Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan are the leading

Harbhajan Singh official Bhajji blog at BigAdda

Harbhajan Singh has been in news for lot of iffy things, from sticking slaps on fellow cricketers to being real busy and not popping up to take award from President of India. All those who say Harbhajan Singh got

Kareena, Dennis, Amrita – Kambakht Bikini !

Kambakkht Ishq movie should be real scorcher this summer. We have already seen Akshay and Kareena getting naughty. Here is more to pop eyeballs, all 3 leading

Shahrukh Khan IPL 2009 official video is Cool

Shahrukh Khan is biggest entertainer of IPL besides flying 4s and 6s on the field and he is leaving nothing to chance. SRK is back in cool young looking avatar dancing