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Harbhajan Singh has been in news for lot of iffy things, from sticking slaps on fellow cricketers to being real busy and not popping up to take award from President of India.


All those who say Harbhajan Singh got no time – bump into his official “Bhajji Blogs at BigAdda’. So after Amitabh Bachchan its time for Harbhajan to do some blogging at BigAdda- of course he is getting some cool cash to lend his name (and words) to BigAdda website. Here is the  kickstart post…

My First Post
Hey everyone! This is Harbhajan Singh out here.

Will be in touch with you guys through my blog here. Write in and catch up with me…Hope to hear from you soon.

Check this space for more updates…Till then, be well…

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Ummm… for die hard slappy fans of Harbhajan Singh head over to Official Bhajii blog at BigAdda. Alternatively, you can see daily newspaper as Bhajji is always in news, good or bad – who cares, isn’t it?

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