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Dus Ka Dum 2 – Salman is back reloaded

Sony go for fresh makeover from May 25 and gets slew of new shows like Bhaskar Bharti and getting back season 2 of big ticket Dus Ka Dum with Salman Khan. Salman is seen dancing in promotion video

Vishal Karwal in Bhagyavidhata, Roadies to Serial

Vishal Karwal has been very lucky guy for sure. He was real popular contestant of MTV Roadies 4, then went on to win MTV SplitsVilla Show. Currently he is hosting show ‘Couple Sutra’

Bhaskar Bharti on Sony, Ejaz Khan or Aamir Ali?

Sony is going for full makeover with all new shows from May 25 after IPL madness ends on sister channel Sony Max. Bhaskar Bharti show is making all news with

MTV Stunt Mania – show your bike attitude & skill

MTV Stunt Mania zooms Roadies bike passion to next level. If you got attitude and skill to showcase while riding bike – the go for it. Here is official Stunt Mania waani “… Be a part

Bhagyavidhata: money to Kidnap groom & marry

Colors TV has launched another serial showcasing harsh truth about our society. After Balika Vadhu, Na Aana Is Desh Lado – here comes “Sab Ki Jodi Wahi Banaata…Bhagyavidhaata”. Catch line of the show is ‘Jaisi Rakm Waise

MTV Roadies 6 winner – Nauman Sait, the Man

Nauman Sait is the Man??? Ugggh… Palumi will beat us with her makeup brush – Nauman is ladki, right Palumi baby? Throwing this Palumi humor to dustbin, here

MTV Roadies Finale – Kiri, Palak or Nauman ?

bitching, backstabbing… blah blah can finally take rest and real action begin between 3 finalists: Kiri, Palak and Nauman. Palak and Nauman were 2 finalistist selected

New faces in Balika Vadhu for Gehna & TRP bump

Balika Vadhu has been number ONE show of Indian television for long time but TRPs have seen a good slip in recent times. This has been attributed to all rona dhona

Dushyant & Shakuntala are Cute, heard this?

TV couch potatoes are GA GA over lead cast and period television show ‘Shakuntala’ on Star One channel. Show has TV actress Neha Mehta playing

Mandira & Meiyang Chang Spice MAX IPL Show

Mandira Bedi rose to her TV career zenith being saree laden HOT host of World Cup telecast on Max Television (few yrs back!). Guess what? Old is Gold and golden babe