Fake IPL Player blogger & Real Shahrukh

He claims to be a member of Shahrukh Khan’s IPL team Kolkata Kinight Riders, probably last man serving drinks on field.


Besides the on screen action, he is busy posting juicy details from dressing room to field action on his blog Fake IPL Player on blogger. Due to realistic touch with dash of humour, his blog is already very popular and hitting media headlines for a while.

Even after so much mayhem no one is able to identity this member of KKR team. Here is latest post title emosional atyachaar…

… I am back guys! Things have been pretty tight lately. There’s been a crackdown. Every player is looking over his shoulder. Nobody knows who I am. But I exist, right within them, right next to them. Every breath they take, every move they make. I am watching! And they know it. And they are scared. They are worried.

Click here to read more juicy posts from Fake IPL Player. He for sure is casuing lot of rough weather for KKR. OR is it a publicity stunt from King Khan Shahrukh – you never know!

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Comments (1) Saturday, April 25th, 2009

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