Abhishek Spill Drona on TV – Big time !

Movie Drona is a fatansy  flick that has gobbled up lot of money while making. Baby B is trying all ends to let people know about this big screen fantasy.

Abhishek Spill Drona on TV

Abhishek Bachchan made a crap appearance on Bigg Boss. Yeah, atleast people will know about this movie – whose music ‘$uck’ bigtime and doing no good to promote the movie.

After Bigg Boss, he will now appear on hugely popular and very impressive show on Color TV ‘Balika Vadu’ [read comments here & see viewers love – even Ekta Kapoor should read them as well].

Coming back to Chotta B and Drona – he will appear in the show in ‘goodie goddie’ preaching avatar – playing himself Abhishek Bachchan and interacting with lead pair “Jagdish and Anandi”.

None will be shocked is drona spills OUT pretty quickly off people’s mind. Anyway, let the Bachchan show begine!

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Comments (1) Saturday, September 27th, 2008

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One Response to “Abhishek Spill Drona on TV – Big time !”
  1. sunil says:

    it has already flopped bigtime and surpassed all previous recods of a megaflop. now will the public show abhishek the door? or does he want to be shoved off?!!

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