Kabutar makes bollywood comeback with Delhi6

Kabutar (aka Pigeon) makes bollywood comeback after a long time. It has played important part in getting lovers closer and closer.


From good old days of Meine Pyar Kiya starring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree – they even sang song ‘Kabutar Ja Ja’ with the message of love. There was also trend to use Kabutar is sleazy way – like in Mithun stareer song ‘Chad gaya upar re – ghutar ghutar’.

delhi6 photo

Now, here comes Delhi6 starring Sonam, Abhishek and that miky white Kabutar which is hogging publicity of the movie everywhere. Every poster, end credits got Kabutar – hope this help movie fly to box office success. As such Kabutar is looking cute with cutter Sonam – any thoughts?

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Comments (1) Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

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