Did Someone Kidnap Drona? Looks Like…

Movie Drona and Kidnap released on the same weekend and are heading for similar Fate. Both movies were super hyped and in most likelihood be super FLOP. Did some kidnap Drona?

Did Someone Kidnap Drona? Looks Like SomeOne !

Yes, makers of respective movies. They did their best in dishing out best which wasnt the BEST. While Kidnap had Minisha Lamba dropping clothes trying too hard too look HOT.

Why did she do this? Director Sanjay had dhoom hangover – he could not make Aish strip but managed with Bipasha in Dhoom2. Minishe Lamba is his latest target (victim ?).

Cutting this crap talk, even we do crap talk sometime – heheheh. Coming to so called super hero Drona, people are bored with sanskrit Shlokas and storyline moving like mad cockroach (oOps).

Ouch, this is getting ugly now. OK people - go and watch these movies. AND completely waste  3 hours of your precious time !!!

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