Amitabh Bachchan Launch his official Blog ADDA

“…this is my blog..welcome to it and hope we have a pleasant time reacting with each other. i shall start with a few views on my upcoming film ‘Bhoothnath’.. hope you will give your comments.”

Amitabh Bachchan official Blog

This is how Big B welcomed blog readers on his personal blog. Yeah, our bollywood celebs are becoming more tech savvy day by day. Amitabh Bachchan chose his friend Anil Ambani’s BigAdda as home for his Blog.

Blog feature Big B’s interview with Delhi Times and with Mumbai Mirror. AND then Big B opens up with post “…My First Day on the Blog”.

“…I would at the outset wish to thank all those that helped me put up this facility, at and compliment them for their efficient and committed working. It seems like a new life altogether.”

Tempted? Wanna read more… wanna interact with Amitabh Bachchan. Here is the web address for BigB’s Blog []

Comments (12) Friday, April 18th, 2008

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12 Responses to “Amitabh Bachchan Launch his official Blog ADDA”
  1. hello mr. amitabh bachchan you think that i m better option for aish rather than your son abhishek i m better choice think carefully Mr. bachchan

  2. rohan says:

    HI Friend their is one news in Film Industry //shahid kapoor is Gay and HOMO that is the reason why kareena left him and he has also slept with ken ghosh to sign a movie ishq vishq

  3. kalpesh says:

    Shahid kapoor is HOMO oh Shittttt

  4. kalpesh says:

    Shahid kapoor has habbit of Sleeping with many male director

  5. vaibhav talsania says:

    hello sir, i am an engineering student and i am your big fan . really. sir, please visit visit our ahmedabad . you are heartly welcome.

  6. sir.iam a big fan of urs .you hav done all type of characters,but i want to see u in any mythalogical character.i hope u will consider it.

  7. Arup Mukherjee says:

    How are u Sir……..aap ko……Unty,,,Dada & Bhabi ko Pranam……AAP MUJHE ASHIRWAD KARIYE….NEXT JANAM MAIN……MAIN AAP KE CHARAN CHU SAKU…..

  8. sneha says:

    Dear Mr. Bachchan ,

    We know that film life is always larger than life, which creates a magic world in front of us. All the stars are only doing their job to create that touch for us . But few people like me who always wished to get something whole-heartedly but god never has been so kind to fulfill that. Lives their life in that created world.

    My father has been separated when i was only 11. i never got my father as lovable one even before that. In my fantasy world i always live with my father.who loves me most ……just like an angel . I never liked or been mad to see you as others do. but i get you sir as my father always ,near to my heart. You replaced my hard real life & turned a sweet one with the midas touch.

    my utmost request is ,please keep doing roles which reflects you as a lovable father….so that i can live with your nice feelings & fulfill all my dreams.remembering …my father is saying to me.

    sorry. for being emotional on an official blog of yours. just needed to express myself to you.

    take care. love you sir .

    Thanks for being a support in my dream world as a friendly father.


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