Love Aaj Kal – Saif or Deepika, guess taller?

Saif Ali Khan is also bumping into movie production maala – maal business with first home production movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’. Saif’s “Dear love” Kareena Kapoor could not

Salman & Saif in Sardar Look, Akki take a break!

Akshay Kumar put valid point forward that sardar characters in bollywood are generally seen  in funny situation doing some mocery. He made sardar character perfect hero with movie ‘Singh is King’ and people loved Akshay’s charm as

Kareena to Marry Saif, is that all NEW ?

Kareena Kapoor is drooling over Saif Ali Khan and wanna get set in permanent relationship of marriage. Guess what? They must be bored of going around for a while now. This NOT so new revelation comes courtesy Kareena and latest issue Femina Magazine. These magazine guys will get star clicked

Chotte Nawab Saif wanna marry again & Soon

“…Oh yes, much sooner”, is Saif Ali Khan’s reply when asked about his probable marriage with Kareena Kapoor (who Else!). He is eager to make his relationship LEGAL. Kareena Kapoor who is at the top of her career may not fancy marriage… … but Saif might just convince his lady LOVE. Will this love blossom […]

Saif & Kareena for Temptations Reloaded

‘Temptations Reloaded’, this Shahrukh Khan & others concert is about to start in foreign shores. Participating Kareena Kapoor accompanied with Saif Ali was seen at the airport. They looked cool and composed. Here is more of Saif and Kareena

Saif & Kareena with Shahrukh on Paanchvi Pass

Shahrukh Khan is pulling out all the big stars from bollywood to sky rocket TRPs of his show ‘Paanchvi Pass’. Latest to feature on the show is ‘Saif – Kareena’ jodi. Must have shot this episode long time

After Love, Kareena & Saif Fight, fight & fight

Guess what? Kareena and Saif are hogging all the limelight and loads of newsprint for their LOVE and now HATE relationship. Media is buzz with Saif and Kareena fighting at IIFA Weekend. What could have been lovely get together turned bit sour for both of them? All this fuss was about SAIF not happy

Amisha Patel show her Saif N $exy adventure

Amisha Patel is back with a $exy bang. She is the latest babe stripping in Yash Raj Flick. She joins Esha in Dhoom I, Bipasha and Aish in Dhoom II, Kareena in Tashan… hope the list continues to grow very quickly. Kareena gets the break, here comes

Juicy Gossip, Kareena & Saif may split !!!

We love such gossip of splitting and MAKING up… don’t we? Latest buzz in bollywood town is – Kareena Kapoor had enough of his tattooed BOY friend, Saif Ali Khan. His over-powering control over Kareena in getting over her head now… …AND things are heading towards complete OFF. Only Kareena and Saif would know if […]

Forget Kareena, Saif get naughty with old pals

Inspite of all good work Salman Khan does, media take his shirt off the bad way. Saif Ali Khan could be next one. Currently he his basking in the glory and company of possibly size zero Kareena Kapoor. Guess what? Chotte nawab is upto naughty ways with old pal Farhan Akhtar. Who Farhan? Well, he […]