After Love, Kareena & Saif Fight, fight & fight

Guess what? Kareena and Saif are hogging all the limelight and loads of newsprint for their LOVE and now HATE relationship. Media is buzz with Saif and Kareena fighting at IIFA Weekend.

Saif Kareena Fight at IIFA

What could have been lovely get together turned bit sour for both of them? All this fuss was about SAIF not happy with Kareena wearing revealing clothes at IIFA Awards performance.

Isn’t this TOO much? Where was Saif when Kareena did bikini romp in Tashan? As rightly pointed by buddy Bollynewz Saif should stop complaining about skimpy dresses and kareena doing intimate scenes.

Its high time Saif realizes that Kareena is an actress and she is in mood to sacrifice her rocketing career for him. Make sense, isn’t it?

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Comments (3) Thursday, June 12th, 2008

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3 Responses to “After Love, Kareena & Saif Fight, fight & fight”
  1. rr says:

    This is too much i mean when kareena was wearing bikini was he sleeping and now if kareena is wearing something another that saif doesn’t like. It’s disgusting. If this will go on then i am sure this hottest couple of bollywood will known as the hatest couple of bollywood and kareena should cry alone and nobody will be there for her. Like shahid he was crying before now it’s no longer if kareena should cry and repenting that she leave shahid.

  2. Dnyanesh says:

    karina really love with saif ? what you want ?

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