Salman & Saif in Sardar Look, Akki take a break!

Akshay Kumar put valid point forward that sardar characters in bollywood are generally seen  in funny situation doing some mocery.

Salman & Saif in Sardar Look

He made sardar character perfect hero with movie ‘Singh is King’ and people loved Akshay’s charm as sardar. Guess what? Akki can take break.

Salman Khan and Saif are carrying forward by doing sardar look in their respective movies. Salman sports perfect turban in upcoming movie Heroes.

While Saif will be seen in turban with Deepika Padukone in his home production movie. While Akshay is best Singh of bollywood so far – who looks fab among Salman and Saif?

Well, our vote goes to Salman Khan - hands down! He is looking so good with turban and beard. Keep rocking guys!

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