Kareena to Marry Saif, is that all NEW ?

Kareena Kapoor is drooling over Saif Ali Khan and wanna get set in permanent relationship of marriage. Guess what? They must be bored of going around for a while now. This NOT so new revelation comes courtesy Kareena and latest issue Femina Magazine.

Kareena & Saif Ali Khan

These magazine guys will get star clicked in new outfit and put a cheesy line on the cover shot to sell their newsprint. Not their flaut, they ought to sell their stuff. Anyway, coming back to Katty Kareena.

Cheesy and slippery line on the magazine cover say … “Saif is the man I’ll marry”. Fair enough who is stopping, Saif’s Kids, Kareena’s mom / dad or Saif himself. God knows, here is what hottie had to say in the mag interview.

“.. I like men who are honest, genuine men who are like me, I suppose.” OHK… looks like Shahid was one big liar 🙂

Of being with Saif Ali Khan, a man much older than her and once-married, she says, “.. But love doesnt come with clauses, does it? It’s accepting the person for who they are and how you feel when you are with them.”

Looks like every thing is fine between Kareena and Saif and then why the heck they don’t marry. Probably they will marry during release of their next movie together. Its showbiz dear… damn!

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One Response to “Kareena to Marry Saif, is that all NEW ?”
  1. Karishma says:

    Oh Kareena whatever…we know you would love to marry. Earlier she claimed out loud “Shahid is the man I will marry” now Shahid is replaced by Saif. Please just get married so all of us can be happy and don’t have to read the same lines from you all over again!!
    “…I like honest men…who are like me…” maybe you should marry yourself, looks like you are so much in love with yourself that even the man you want should be your ditto copy.

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