Koena Mitra on Jhalak, comeback of sorts?

Koena Mirta was once hot model and sizzling item babe of bollywood. But her nose surgery adventure brought comma to her glam career. Recently, she was seen

Koena Mitra is Back Looking beautiful, WOW

For starters – we do not have Koena Mitra fixation. But, for sure interested in her face bombing and recovery there after. WOW… Koena dear is back looking beautiful.

Koena Mitra fugly face, Why did you do this?

We already know Koena Mitra went for a nose job that went really bad. Recently, she made public appearance and Mid-day paper spilled interesting comparison of Koena before and after! Just see the above pic and you will notice

Koena Mitra Nose Job, U-turn in motion ?

Koena Mitra wanted to trim down her nose but surgery went horribly wrong and she got all kinds of bad words. Even hungry for attention Sherlyn (Mona) Chopra who went for butt correction referred Koena as Michal Jackson. Lame talk… Koena’s mother even said

Rajiv Gandhi Awards: Shilpa, Salman & more !

Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Kapil Dev, Shekar Gupta, Sunita Williams and many more were the recipients of Rajiv Gandhi Awards honouring people in various fields. It was evening full of Glamour. Koena Mitra did a sizzling dance act with Vivek Oberoi. Besides this there were performances by Tanushree Dutta, Aftab Shivdsani, Sundhi, Sukhwinder, Shivamani and […]