Koena Mitra is Back Looking beautiful, WOW

For starters – we do not have Koena Mitra fixation. But, for sure interested in her face bombing and recovery there after.

Koena Mitra is Back Looking beautiful, WOW

WOW… Koena dear is back looking beautiful. She was recently seen in pleasent look. Even though she has tons of makeup on her face – she for sure looks much better than before.

Anyway, makeup is meant to make you look GOOD. Koena back looking beautiful and your thoughts guys N gals? Image

Comments (1) Thursday, September 18th, 2008

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One Response to “Koena Mitra is Back Looking beautiful, WOW”
  1. Hank Rogers says:

    Wat an UGLY bi**h!!! She ruined her face, even makeup couldn’t hide the fake looks. Hope this is a lesson for others, look before u leap.

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