Koena Mitra fugly face, Why did you do this?

We already know Koena Mitra went for a nose job that went really bad. Recently, she made public appearance and Mid-day paper spilled interesting comparison of Koena before and after!

Koena Mitra fugly face, Why did you do this?

Just see the above pic and you will notice – almost every part of her face seem to be doctored real bad. Koena, why did you do this?

– Her eyebrows are ridiculously fake.
– Too much Botox on forehead and hairline going where?
– Nose still looks badly tweaked.
– Lips badly enlarged and enlarged.
– Jawline bigger and looks like swollen.

We are writing this NOT to ridicule Koena Mitra – but to create awareness about dark side of urge of looking good. Just see the before pic, Koena looked so beautiful and innocent.

Just no comments for her recent pic – Koena why did you do this? Probably, a sane advice will be – go the same doctor and try to reverse his mis-adventures!

Comments (2) Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

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