Hrithik do Macroman underwear in style, is it?

Hrithik Roshan got great body and huge following – perfect for a chaddi – baniyan brand. Macroman brand must have thrown lot of money to get duggu in underwear. He isn’t too desperate to pose in underwear

Hrithik dance saving grace else NO luck / chance

Hrithik Roshan plays a superstar to give super promotional boast to Farhan Akhtar starer movie ‘Luck By Chance’. Inital teaser looked very good and still looking good with number of big stars showing there faces. Songs of the movie are big let down. As

Hrithik back on NDTV Imagine with Farhan Akhtar

Looks like Hrithik Roshan love NDTV Imagine. Previously he was face of singing reality show ‘Junoon’ and now its time for another show. This time, he comes as guest on first episode of masala mix kind of show ‘Oye its friday’. Farhan Akhtar has been director (remember

Hrithik Gets Lucky by Chance & play SuperSTAR

Hrithik Roshan is now superstar – wasn’t he one before? Well, Hrithik Roshan plays topnotch star in upcomiong Farhan Akhtar (that rock ON guy!) starer movie ‘Luck By Chance’. Its like a special appearance with Isha Sher

Hrithik Wild & Crazy Second Honeymoon

Hrithik Roshan had super sizzling time shooting with hottie Barbara Mori for movie ‘Kites’. Guess what? he is back to original love – wife Suzzane. Buzz is, both are on vacation which Hrithik

Hrithik Roshan Tanned for Kites (& Barbara Mori)!

Here is little biology about Hrithik Roshan & Barbara Mori Chemistry in upcoming movie Kites. Do they miss the kiss? Will their love scene be hot? Well no one can confirm on this, but looks

Hrithik Barbara LOVE scene gets TOO hOt

Hrithik Roshan is all set to sizzle with foreign hottie Barbara Mori. They were suppose to miss the kiss scene – guess what? Things looks hotter than expected while

Junoon on NDTV has Loads of Junoon & DUM !

It been a week since ‘Lux Junoon Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka’ made debut on NDTV Imagine. If you think, its just another singing reality show… Well, watch it once and think again. It is big time relief if you are tired of hearing bollywood masala songs on reality shows. Sufi and folk songs sung on […]

SRK vs Hrithik vs Salman, TV War Begins…

Shirts are off and top three bollywood men with fight it ON for TV space. Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan joins Shahrukh Khan this weekend on TV. With IPL over, big ticket TV shows make debut this week across different channels including NDTV Imagine, Sony and Star Plus.    Hrithik Roshan lends his support for

After SRK, Salman- Hrithik on NDTV, who’s next?

Bollywood men seems to be loving TV like their on-screen heroines. With loads money on offer they are leaving romancing babes in movies and getting hooked to TV couch potatoes. Hrithik Roshan is latest to join TV. After Shahrukh Khan on