Hrithik dance saving grace else NO luck / chance

Hrithik Roshan plays a superstar to give super promotional boast to Farhan Akhtar starer movie ‘Luck By Chance’. Inital teaser looked very good and still looking good with number of big stars showing there faces.

Hrithik Roshan dance luck by chance

Songs of the movie are big let down. As a result, promotional teaser end up showing Hrithik Roshan dancing – …dance is good but music is crap to the core. When did traditional music sounded so jaaring – assumming Hrithik’s ‘baavore’ song is suppose to be on traditional thingie.

Hrithik Roshan dance

Hrithik Roshan dance is only saving grace of that song and promotional full stretch of the movie. Otherwise, there seem no luck or chance – unless movie storyline and treatment is exception, ummm…

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