Hrithik Barbara LOVE scene gets TOO hOt

Hrithik Roshan is all set to sizzle with foreign hottie Barbara Mori. They were suppose to miss the kiss scene – guess what?

Hrithik Barbara LOVE scene get TOO hOt

Things looks hotter than expected while shooting love scene between them. To keep comfort level to maximum while doing REEL love…

… director Anurag Basu and Hrithik Roshan persuaded papa Rakesh Roshan to leave sets of the movie. So that son Hrithik can induge in some intimate love scene – this sounds interesting!

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Comments (5) Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

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5 Responses to “Hrithik Barbara LOVE scene gets TOO hOt”
  1. satish says:

    if he is not comfortable with kiss scene he should withdraw from commercial films and join religious or historical films. for foreigners kiss is essential part of showing lovew to opposite sex.

  2. satish says:

    film main aggar kiss nahin hoga toh public us film ko miss karege aur aap ko road par aana hoga.kyon apne bachhe ka future kharab karna chahte ho.aap 21me saadi main film bana rahe ho is liye yeh zaroori hai ke cinema main public aaye. carry on roshan with foreign star.

  3. satish says:

    barbara ko kiss kar ke kite ko sky main le ja aao nahin to woh zamin se nahin fly kar sakege aur aap zamin par raah jaogey roshan don’t miss kiss to miss but do it bar bar=again and again so that publib may come again and again.

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