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IPL 2009 match schedule – South Africa action

No more soaps, movies etc etc etc – its only instant cricket, also called IPL. This time action comes from South Africa twice a day. Following in IPL schedule for the start of

Ten Rupee (Rs10) coin – Get the load !

Value of money is going down and we need higher denomination currency to buy stuff. With Rs5 coins so common, here comes Rs10 coins. As expected, they are heavy and loaded

Official IPL team websites – Be my FAN !

IPL will storm TV screens this month. Before the actual show, you can search N select your loyalties for either of IPL team. What best way to start by logging onto to

Lok Sabha Elections 2009 – presented by Google

It cant get bigger than this, dance of democracy 2009 even has Google doing some exercise and churning out special feature for the same. Google India got exclusive Lok Sabha Elections

Airtel get 16Mbps internet broadband, bring ON

Airtel is known for its quality telecommunication and internet services (atleast in North India). Here is comes surprise bump from Airtel. Broadband internet connection of 16Mbps

LK Advani button for bloggers – wanna click?

Not sure if congress is sleeping or doing something to catch eye of internet users but LK Advani is all ALIVE and kicking on the internet. Advertisements promoting his website

5+ ways to see Dance of Democracy 2009

Indian Election 2009 are TOO big, even IPL could not find place in very own mera Bharat mahaan – India (of course). Sticking to the topic of Indian Elections

WWE wrestling get india website WWE.in

WWE.com is online world for wrestling fans all over the world. This international website gets about 10% Indian traffic. Indian fans can look forward for more at

BJP & LK Advani all over internet – IT Vision !

Dance of democracy is about to begin with general elections around the coner. While congress is nowhere on the internet, BJP is all over. Looks like BJP and co is shelling lot of