BJP & LK Advani all over internet – IT Vision !

Dance of democracy is about to begin with general elections around the coner. While congress is nowhere on the internet, BJP is all over.


Looks like BJP and co is shelling lot of money to advertise website and their IT vision. For starters it is not IT = income tax and IT = Information technology.

While many ministers wont know ABC of using Windows laden computers – BJP got its IT vision ready with lot of heavy loaded promises. It starts with typical bhasan style lingo, here goes:

Har Hindustani ka bank khaata;
Har BPL parivar ko smart phone
Har gaon mein broadband suvidha;
Har school mein Internet shiksha;
Sabko rozgaar; Shaasan Janata ke dwaar.

Click here to read full thingie in detail. This is usual stuff before election but BJP must get credit for atleast talking some stuff before general public. Wonder what congress is upto besides their Jai Ho song – aam admi style?

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