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Write in Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi and Nepali

Do you want to write text in Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi and Nepali? Well, head over to Google transliteration to write in different Indian languages on standard English based OS computer. This online service already supports other

IPL gets another blog with desi slangs (Gali Gloch)

IPL is bringing lot money to many people. Guess what? it has also started blogging revolution, some doing it by being fake others being true to raw language. Spotted another blog on IPL ramblings

Vodafone ZooZOo ads – cool, cute & creative

Vodafone has done it, they found perfect replacement for their little doggie (pug) advertisement with ZooZOo characters. These are cute, white and slim characters

Plan Indian holiday travel route online

Are you planning to visit Taj Mahal in Agra? Uggg, already seen – there are so many other places to visit in India, you just need to follow the right route for the selected place. Google Map Maker makes this process

Wanna throw shoe at politicians online?

Politicians usually don’t fear anyone (police included) but harmfuless yet very painful object SHOE can make any politician sweat & look for cover. Recent shoe throw incidents has made

Watch free bollywood movies online at Youtube

Till now we have seen lot of movie clips, trailers and movie scene videos on Youtube website. Get ready for full length legal movies experience. Youtube has partnered with movie and TV

Indian Hatke League – Virgin Mobile IPL hatke?

Virgin Mobile is known for its wacky promotional campaigns and here is the latest one milking Indian Premier League frenzy – Indian Hatke League. Team name get crazy makeover like:

Blish – desi blog platform for quick blogging

In.com website is very popular in India for all kinds of content you may be looking for – politics, news, videos, photos, software etc. Now, it has added all new blogging platform

Watch IPL cricket matches online on internet

IPL 20-20 cricket frenzy is about to begin. Incase you do not have access to TV channel Sony Max broadcasting Live IPL action – get on the internet. Official IPLt20 website will be streaming Live

NDTV, Indian Express Website Makeover – OK…

NDTV and Indian Express – two major websites went for design makeover. Sadly, overall results are nothing exceptional! Starting off with NDTV, they got great