Rocket Singh aka Ranbir Kapoor as Sardar

Ranbir Kapoor is the latest actor to be seen in sardar avatar complete with beard and turban in movie Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year. Finally, Yash Raj movies is doing something

Towel specialist Ranbir Kapoor do LIVE – oye !

We already know Ranbir Kapoor will lend some screen space with his dad Rishi Kapoor to make one hour interesting package of upcoming episode of Oye its friday.   Ranbir Kapoor is a very well known

Ranbir & Rishi DO Oye this friday – By Chance

Upcoming episode of Oye its friday should be complete PR package of one hour for Farhan Akhtar next movie ‘Luck By Chance’. Movie has Farhan and Konkana Sen in the lead but got loads of other stars by chance. Yeah.. that is what trailers these

Ranbir for Pepsi GO shirtless, you decide next ?

Ranbir Kapoor is no where to be seen in movie these days. He launched his so called official website (unofficial websites are much better!) and now comes Pepsi ad Shirtless act. Advertisement start with Ranbir’s hand

Ranbir Kapoor Official Website, its about money ?

Ranbir Kapoor has launched official website – before you jump to the website, here is warning for you. This website is more of promotional stuff of sorts with promoters splashing whole website with ads. Generally one does not see advertisement

Ranbir the SHE, Deepika the HE – L’Officiel Love

We love ripping magazine cover shots – after we have seen Amisha Patel Photoshop battering on Vogue, here is Ranbir and Deepika on L’Officiel magazine cover. Ranbir the SHE and Deepika the HE – hmmm

Ranbir & Deepika Kiss, Kiss & Kiss… take a break!

Take a break from kissing or find some private room!!! These are emotions on the sets of Bachna Aae Hasino. Kunal Kapoor may be trying Deepika in the movie, in REAL life Deepika and Ranbir are getting closer and closer. In hard to believe juicy gossip, Ranbir

Deepika & Ranbir in Big Screen Romance

Deepika Padukone & Ranbir Kapoor have been going around together for a while. Now, their romance is out in open on big screen in upcoming movie ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’. They for sure look ready to sizzle big time. First promotional shots of the movie

Ranbir Kapoor Drops Towel on Bhansali’s Plans

In bollywood you are as good as your last release and Sanjay Leela Bhansali is realising that. His last movie featuring towel clad Ranbir Kapoor and all covered up Sonam Kapoor bombed big time. Moving on, Bhansali is ready for his next project “Chenab Gandhi”. Ranbir Kapoor has dropped towel on

Bipasha Basu & her Young Boys Ranbir & Neil !

What happens when age does not show off on your face? Well, you get to work with people younger than you. Bong beauty Bipasha Basu may not be that old, but she for sure is older than her upcoming male co-stars. Bipasha Basu stars opposite Ranbir Kapoor (young gun) in Yash Raj biggie Bachna Aae […]