Ranbir for Pepsi GO shirtless, you decide next ?

Ranbir Kapoor is no where to be seen in movie these days. He launched his so called official website (unofficial websites are much better!) and now comes Pepsi ad Shirtless act.

ranbir kapoor pepsi ad

Advertisement start with Ranbir’s hand stuck with Pepsi can which has girl’s hand on other end. They try to free their hands but no avail (it looked fevicol ad rather than pepsi ad). Anyway, the story continues…

Ranbir takes off his shirt, girl hides her eye as if she has seen 6 pack abs (in real its a skinny structure) with body shine more than girl’s face. Now, shirt is off – what should be next?

Ranbir’s Pants or should girl start with her strip pepsi game (duh). Well, watch the video on official Pepsi page and help pepsi complete the ad. For starters, whole idea is dumb and they need your help to make it interesting – another effect of global meltdown, cannot hire people with some creativity!

Comments (0) Thursday, December 18th, 2008

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