Love Impossible on WEB for Priyanka & YashRaj

Yash Raj Films is not in good shape these days. Known for blockbuster movies one after another, they are struggling to dish out even average ones. Well if content does not work, let the promotion

Hrithik do Macroman underwear in style, is it?

Hrithik Roshan got great body and huge following – perfect for a chaddi – baniyan brand. Macroman brand must have thrown lot of money to get duggu in underwear. He isn’t too desperate to pose in underwear

Vodafone ZooZOo ads – cool, cute & creative

Vodafone has done it, they found perfect replacement for their little doggie (pug) advertisement with ZooZOo characters. These are cute, white and slim characters

Indian Hatke League – Virgin Mobile IPL hatke?

Virgin Mobile is known for its wacky promotional campaigns and here is the latest one milking Indian Premier League frenzy – Indian Hatke League. Team name get crazy makeover like: