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Hrithik do Macroman underwear in style, is it?

Hrithik Roshan got great body and huge following – perfect for a chaddi – baniyan brand. Macroman brand must have thrown lot of money to get duggu in underwear. He isn’t too desperate to pose in underwear

Kareena, Dennis, Amrita – Kambakht Bikini !

Kambakkht Ishq movie should be real scorcher this summer. We have already seen Akshay and Kareena getting naughty. Here is more to pop eyeballs, all 3 leading

Minisha Lamba Keeps her Bikini ON for Maxim

Once you do a particular thing – you want to do it again (provided you like that thing). It seems Minisha Lamba got liking of posing in bikini now-a-days. While her bikini romp in movie Kidnap is all

Riya Sen is HOT, wish she could ACT !

One labelled - then you always get that kind of stuff to do in bollywood. Riya Sen is going through similar patch. She is known for her item stuff and hot

Vogue Brings Back SOo Beautiful Aishwarya

Vogue Indian magazine Anniversary issue has big dhamka – Aishwarya Rai is back looking SOo beautiful and charming. Aish is the cover girl of this anniversay issue

Dil Mil Gaye Wallpapers, Much Requested !

“Dil Mil Gaye” serial on Star One has huge young fan following. Dr Arman’s playing tricky with her mate doc and brewing love story – everyone seems to love it. Much requested goodies from the serial

PhotoShoot: Kareena at Cheswick House, London

Kareena Kapoor is spreading her glamour on International magazine. She did a photoshoot at London’s Cheswick House. The actress showcased Louis Vuitton’s Spring and Fall 2008 collection.  Here is more of Kareena at

Saif & Kareena for Temptations Reloaded

‘Temptations Reloaded’, this Shahrukh Khan & others concert is about to start in foreign shores. Participating Kareena Kapoor accompanied with Saif Ali was seen at the airport. They looked cool and composed. Here is more of Saif and Kareena

Bolly Babes are out for S-E-X & the City Premiere

S-E-X & the City movie Premiere saw number of bollywood babes out to catch this flick. Dressed in casual, they looked different and for sure hot. Here is Arora sisters – Malaika and Amrita. Neha Dhupia and Simone Singh were

Amisha Patel show her Saif N $exy adventure

Amisha Patel is back with a $exy bang. She is the latest babe stripping in Yash Raj Flick. She joins Esha in Dhoom I, Bipasha and Aish in Dhoom II, Kareena in Tashan… hope the list continues to grow very quickly. Kareena gets the break, here comes