Zulfi Sayed’s Bigg Boss party & Mumbai Blasts

Zulfi Syed was in celebration mood along with other Bigg Boss constetants when their party got rocked by Mumbai blasts. Zulfi Syed, Rahul Mahajan, Rakhi Vijan and Raja Choudhary had just landed at a five star in Santacruz, Mumba.

Zulfi Sayed

Shattering noise of a bomb blast shook them and members of the media, at a party thrown by Zulfi Syed, to celebrate the culmination of the popular reality show. “It was devastating. As we entered the hotel, we heard the news of blasts in South Mumbai and were wondering about the scale of damage, when we were shocked to hear a loud blast from somewhere nearby the hotel. It shook everyone up,” said publicist Dale Bhagwagar who had coordinated the media for the event.

It came to be known that a taxi had exploded just two buildings away from the hotel, on the Western Express Highway and nearby the domestic airport. “It was a very sad and grim experience,” said Zulfi. “I wish the world can learn to live in harmony,” he added with a sigh.

Some of the television media rushed out of the hotel to cover the blast, while others, including guests, were too shaken to leave. “Luckily, the hotel’s staff and security were extremely sharp and alert to the situation, and handled it with care and reassurances to all the guests, avoiding any panic situation,” added Bhagwagar.

Zulfi too requested everyone to stay back in the hotel premises till things calmed down a bit. Most of the guests adhered to his advice and finally left in the wee hours of the morning. [Dale Bhagwagar Media Group]

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