Yana Gupta no Items numbers from Bears

Clad in a black pleather outfit created by Bollywood designer Rocky S, model and actor Yana Gupta appears next to the tagline ‘Bears Are Not Item Numbers’ in a new ad for petaDishoom.

Shot by ace photographer Atul Kasbekar, the ad is part of the group’s continuing campaign to raise awareness of cruelty to bears who are used for entertainment.

Why is Yana so angry about cruelty to bears? Dancing bears are a common, but tragic sight in India . When they are just 1 year old, cubs have ropes forced through their noses without any painkillers.

During this process, a group of people hold the cub down while a red-hot needle is forced through the squealing animal’s nose. Male cubs are castrated with a razor at a very young age, also without anaesthesia or antibiotics.

Bears are forced to dance through a regimen of pain and suffering, says Yana. Do not patronise animal acts.

Come ON people, we do not need to see item stuff from bears, better you turn ON your TV and see Yana performing with Adnan Sami. In this way, you can enjoy and save bears!

Comments (0) Saturday, June 30th, 2007

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