Shahrukh Gets OLD in Reel ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’

Shahrukh Khan is well over 40yrs now and he is getting old now. Well, in movies he is still young super hot shot hero. Sanity has prevailed and SRK has gone grey

Priyanka & Shahrukh Item duo in Billoo Barber

Priyanka Chopra & Shahrukh Khan looked good together in DON – they team up again but only for item song in movie Billoo Barber. Priyanka is third hottie to be roped inn

Shahrukh Khan Looking an oldie, right Anushka?

We already know that SRK above 40s has been paired up with Anushka below 20s. Instead of looking young, SRK seems to be looking older and older. Check out the above shot of SRK and

Shahrukh Khan No More Smoking hot

Shahrukh Khan has always been hot among movie makers and fans. But, his habit of getting lips hot with cigarette and smoking hasn’t gone down well with many. King Khan is about to change it. And reason for this change comes

Shahrukh & Salman Verbal BLOWS at Kats Party…

Salman Khan said to Shahrukh “… Your show Paanchvi Paas is a big flop and now you are trying to sabotage my show. You are a matlabi insaan. You only call people when you need them, and then don’t keep in touch.”   Shahrukh replied “… No one wants to

Temptations Reloaded SRK & Co, watchout BigB

Bachchans have already announced their ‘unforgettable concert’. Guess what? Shahrukh Khan is all set for next edition of hugely popular ‘Temptations’. It has some big names from bollywood. Besides the King Khan, ‘Temptations

Shahrukh Khan Kewlest Dad for Kids & rest follow

‘Nick’ channel organized a contest to mark Father’s Day and Shahrukh Khan emerged as clear winner with title of ‘Kewlest Dad’ with over 42.5% votes. Akshay Kumar was distant second with 28.4% votes. AND Hrithik Roshan was on third

Saif & Kareena with Shahrukh on Paanchvi Pass

Shahrukh Khan is pulling out all the big stars from bollywood to sky rocket TRPs of his show ‘Paanchvi Pass’. Latest to feature on the show is ‘Saif – Kareena’ jodi. Must have shot this episode long time

SRK vs Hrithik vs Salman, TV War Begins…

Shirts are off and top three bollywood men with fight it ON for TV space. Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan joins Shahrukh Khan this weekend on TV. With IPL over, big ticket TV shows make debut this week across different channels including NDTV Imagine, Sony and Star Plus.    Hrithik Roshan lends his support for

Shahrukh & Aamir get ready for December WAR

Aamir Khan started it by revealing his doggie with name Shahrukh. Guess what? Aamir Khan is in mood to stretch out. His upcoming movie “Ghajini” is about to clash with Shahrukh’s “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” on the SAME date – December 12 Originally Ghajini was suppose to