Nisha, Gautam, Xenia, Sudanshu at GO Premiere

After debacle of Ramu’s AAG and Darling, he is testing box office again with another offering from factory titled GO. Movie stars, the usual Ramu feature Nisha Kothari and debut male lead Gautam Gupta. As promo suggests, it has lot of hot scenes and music is nothing to ride home about. Sudanshu Pandey seems to […]

Sushmita Sizzle in Black at AAG Premiere

Sushmita Sen may be playing a De-Glamorous role of window in Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag, but at the premiere she was AAG herself. Dressed in black see through top and flaunting her ever so sexy self, she took all the attention hands down. Media had hard time getting her to talk, but they did […]

Ramu’s AAG Exclusively on your mobile phone

Mauj introduces ‘M Premiere’ which shows audio-visual promos of RGV ki Aag never before viewed by the public eye. At a glittering star-studded event whole star cast was present. Check out the height difference between Prashant, Nisha and Ajay Devgan. Man… this guy is surely very tall, what say! At the event, Mauj unveiled the […]

Nisha Kothari Hot Song N Dance in GO

Nisha Kothari’s sizzling dance and song continues in bollywood movies. So what, if people do not watch her movies, Ram Gopal Verma is surely watching them! She will feature in most of Ramu’s upcoming movies, including Ramu’s Sholey (now Aag). Check out pics, as Nisha sizzle with Ram Gopal Verma’s new discovery Manish Srivastav.