Harry Potter magic is sweeping all over the world. With speculations that Harry Potter may die in the last edition of Rowling’s magical Harry Potter book series, interest has increased! With book release, next edition of Harry Potter movie released and bollywood stars were in full force to check this edition of magic and drama.

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Mayur and Sapna Patel of Shlok Media celebrated the new Seven Wonders of The world and announced a party at Vie Lounge a night before the selection of Taj. Shlok Media has been in the outdoor advertising business for the last four decades.

Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hillala performed a romantic dance to bring to life the age-old Taj ambiance created at the Vie Lounge. Continue reading

It seems Filmfare readers wanted some change from usual cover boys like Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Guess, what when change happened readers lapped up July edition of Filmfare in huge numbers.

Bobby Deol features on the cover of July edition of Filmfare. Call it Bobby magic or some kinda a luck: with Bobby on the cover, magazine had whopping sale for the month of July. Continue reading

This time EYE Candy features: Sambhavna Seth, Poonam, Kareena Kapoor, Meghna Naidu, Upen Patel and Neha Bhasin (ex Viva Popstar girl).

Starting with two item babes, Sambhavna Seth and Poonam Jhawar. Check out these babes enjoying and partying at the premier of Bombay to Goa movie.

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She had been in news for cricket, chit chat and surely her strappy sarees. With World Cup over long ago, Mandira just vanished 🙁  

Recently she appeared at the launch of Times music album launch ‘Full Thottle’ at khyber 2.

Seeing is believing, she seems to have lost good kilos of fat! Surely, the new look is really refreshing.  Continue reading

It was birthday of TV czar Ekta Kapoor and every known face of TV World was present. When  queen of soaps calls everyone has to come, otherwise replacement is not hard to find.

As usual Amna Sharif looked smashing on the occasion. However, Rajeev Khandelwal was not there to give her company 😉 Continue reading

Nisha Kothari’s sizzling dance and song continues in bollywood movies. So what, if people do not watch her movies, Ram Gopal Verma is surely watching them!

She will feature in most of Ramu’s upcoming movies, including Ramu’s Sholey (now Aag). Check out pics, as Nisha sizzle with Ram Gopal Verma’s new discovery Manish Srivastav.

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Indian Madonna is back with her new album Shut Up n Kiss Me. Post Kajra Re everyone’s singing her tune.

From Tips Music, Alisha Chinai’s album Shut Up N Kiss Me is a collection of 9 tracks & 3 remixes which is composed by Ravi Bal, Tom Lowry & Sachin Gupta.

Here is exclusive low down of pics, video and songs from this rocking album featuring who else but, Alisha Chinai. Continue reading

Former actress and singer Poonam Jhawar is upset at abusive SMS sent to her mobile phone. Rightfully, she was at the police station to lodge complaint for the same.

Check out the capture of Poonam’s mobile showing the SMS that goes… Come Sleep with Me… oh !

Lady has been in news for launch of her music album Pooh Ka Jalwa. She is a popular celeb in party and page3 parties. Continue reading

If you have someone like Neha Dhupia holding the product, I doubt if you see at the product. Because you eyes will be glued at Neha Dhupia.

Sticking to her tradition, she wore a revealing top and looked sexy as ever. Cameras were clicking her from every angle at the launch of ICICI and Gitanjali’s new credit card. Continue reading