MTV Roadies ANMOL is a wannabe model, Images

MTV Roadies ANMOL is popular for being stubborn and her harsh eye makeup. She could not get into MTV Roadies 5.0, Final SIX International Roadies. Still, she did leave her impression in the show. Anmol seems to have modelling ambitions.

MTV Roadies Anmol

Here are images from her modelling portfolio. She looks much more refined and beautiful in these images. AND yes that eye makeup for once is bear-able.

MTV Roadies Anmol MTV Roadies Anmol MTV Roadies Anmol

She lost to Prabhjot in plank cutting task and got eliminated from the show. Looks like we may get to see more of Anmol in modelling world!

MTV Roadies Anmol MTV Roadies Anmol MTV Roadies Anmol

Comments (19) Friday, April 4th, 2008

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19 Responses to “MTV Roadies ANMOL is a wannabe model, Images”
  1. suraj singh says:

    i wanna a meet her

  2. bishal says:

    i am really impressed by da pictures and they r really sexy

  3. Gracel says:

    She looks cute no doubt on that n way diff from what she is in roadies but modelling i dont think so.
    Her height factor is a big let down……

  4. saman says:

    she resembles lindsay lohan

  5. dnsgfjkhsd says:

    wie heist du

  6. saman says:

    she looks like lindsay lohan

  7. Emon says:

    She’s looks like my girlfriend. Thats why i like her.

  8. pritesh guha says:

    she looks a stupid squirrel to me

  9. Franchua says:

    Lookin at Anmol’s pics,i dnt believ tht ppl actually find her Hot n Sexy!! Hvnt these guys seen better pics in Life??! Get a life Guys,Seriously!

  10. nisha says:

    i think u r angel

  11. manju says:

    god she sucks…shes ugly…she luks ugly wid makeup…dnt knw wat she ll luk without make up….yuck!!

  12. jyoti says:

    anmol u r pretty hot and sexy thn shambhavi the above mention boys r gay’s who prefer themselves sexy thn smarter girls they think that they look smart in make-ups than anmol

  13. krishna says:

    Its good.ur face tells the complete story.

    Another reply vl b coming soon till thnbye nd keep goin.

  14. krishna says:

    Its nice.ur face tells it everything.

    next reply vl b soon till then bye nd keep going.

  15. anushka says:

    i thing she is nice



  17. bittu says:

    u r d most ugliest prsn in dis world…………..i nvr evr seen grls lyk u………..u r cmplt luk lyk palak……….u r nt a grl i dnt knw wat u r……..

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