MTV Roadies 5.0, SIX International Roadies are…

MTV Roadies 5.0 is heating up as the race gets closer. Finally many so called hip hop raodies got to know… you need some strength to be in the GAME, rather than spitting **** beep words. Well, the final lineup looks very interesting, with one miss Ayaz.

MTV Roadies 5.0 Shambhavi Sharma MTV Roadies 5.0 Shambhavi Sharma

Poor guy didn’t get any task to prove his worth and was voted by fellow contestant. While Prabjot and Ashu showed what they are made off… winning assigned tasks.

MTV Roadies 5.0 MTV Roadies 5.0 MTV Roadies 5.0

Guess what? Even Roadies Bad babe SHAMBHAVI SHARMA managed to win her task and feature in final list of six. So here goes the final 6 for MTV Roadies 5.0, they are going international now….

  1. Shambhavi Sharma.
  2. Nihal
  3. Sonal Singh
  4. Prabhjot
  5. Vibhor
  6. Ashutosh aka Ashu

MTV Roadies 5.0 MTV Roadies 5.0 MTV Roadies 5.0 MTV Roadies 5.0

Is this the final list of Roadies 5.0 going international?Did we make a goofup?Well, check out MTV’s upcoming Roadies show to match the facts and surprises coming your way. It isn’t being a roadiiieee !!!

Comments (21) Monday, March 31st, 2008

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21 Responses to “MTV Roadies 5.0, SIX International Roadies are…”
  1. lucky says:

    its best list than next to next

  2. jayesh says:

    I was a big fan of roadies but the way u were say “ONLY DESERVING ROADIES GOES INTERNATIONAL”,it turned out to be utter nonsense ,here is my point –As “deserving roadies got voted out ,that means that the voting was unjust to u gave them the chance to prove themselves…but you opted for vote out for ayaz !! why? u just presumed that vote out is not good for deseving roadies but u opted for vote out for ayaz ..without considering that this guy has all the potential a real one,to be aroadies ..SO u people justified that u to r not different frm rest of reality show whr every thing is scripted …Double standard..frm that epsode i stoped looking to ur bias prgrm.Thats how most of our frnds.

  3. nikhitha says:

    roadies 5.O is awesome…………….cause of shambhavi!!

  4. RAJESH SETHI says:

    i want to participate in international roadies..

  5. vikas says:

    i want to participate in rodies

  6. anuj malik says:

    i want to partisipate in roadies 6…

  7. Jhahaanvi says:

    i want to participate in roadies

  8. shalabh jain says:

    i want to participate in rodies 6

  9. vijay says:


  10. pramit says:

    good job

  11. pramit says:

    i wanna be d rodies

  12. Khan Lala says:

    I Love Shambhavi Because She Is Hot

  13. subhojit says:

    hi……………..shambhavi……u r d best

  14. bishu says:

    ashu is best

  15. ronnie says:

    i like rodies like anything ………… its just fantastic ………….. if i will get the chance to participate then definately i would like to participate …… yaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkoooooooooooooooooooooo


    i wanna be d rodies
    ashu is best

  17. Bhushan Pandit says:

    sonal singh ke smile pe mai Feda hu. she is beautiful. She is cool . my favorate.

  18. shahrukh siddique says:

    hi sambhavi u r gojjes and i want 2 meet u

  19. Respected Rannvijay sir,
    I want to participate on mtv i request you to kindly send me a reaply with clear address .

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