Krazzy4 Movie Get Crazy with 3 Item Sizzlers…

Hrithik Roshan in Krazzy4Krazzy4 is suppose to be a comedy movie with 4 krazzy characters. Besides number 4, another number 3 is hogging the limelight.

There are 3 item songs in the movie to give it super promotional juice. Rakesh Roshan movie has item number from his son Hrithik Roshan.

Besides he managed to rope in Shahrukh Khan and Rakhi Sawant to perform one item number a piece. With 3 item number everyone is getting pleasentantly krazzy about this movie.

While you have seen Hrithik (on left), here is Shahrukh Khan and Rakhi Sawant with their item number jiggle and sizzle.

Rakhi Sawant in Krazzy4 Shahrukh Khan in Krazzy4

Which out of 3 item numbers made you least krazzy and prompted you to dance? Share with us, we are getting Krazzy!!!

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