Kitani Mohabbat Hai, Balaji CandyFloss is back

Just when we were jumping that Balaji is trying something different with Serial Bandini on NDTV Imagine – just got one tight slap and a reminder, its Balaji – habits die hard and here comes Kitani Mohabbat Hai.

Kitani Mohabbat hai

Ekta madam might have dropped KKK for serial Bandini but no luck for her another new serial. She is sticking to K, because serial has same old Paakau storyline. Remember Kaise Yeh Pyar hai on Sony, this serial looks very similar to that. Even official pitch indicate same, here goes:

Kitani Mohabbat Hai’ answers these questions in more than one way for Arohi and Arjun, the main protagonists of the show. Two completely opposite individuals, who think and behave differently, come together in this powerful and heart-warming love saga.

Arohi hails from the picturesque valley of Panchgani and is a vivacious young girl who believes in the power of love, while Arjun is a cool & calm casanova who dislikes women and refuses to believe that ‘someone somewhere is made for you’.

Set against the backdrop of music, Kitani Mohabbat Hai is a passionate story of loving, losing and yet, living… for Arohi, Arjun and their families.

Show opens Jan 19, 2009 on NDTV Imagine from Mon – Thurs. Lets see Kitani Mohabbat or TRPs this one gets – looks tough in times of creative recession !

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Comments (56) Friday, January 16th, 2009

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56 Responses to “Kitani Mohabbat Hai, Balaji CandyFloss is back”
  1. ganraj says:

    arohi u r looking beautiful & sweet .& arjun ur handsome ….i love u so much

  2. paridhi says:

    arjun n arohi u both are sweet n beautiful couple…..

  3. vishal says:

    thank u ekta ur new soap kitani mohabbat hai is so romantic…the leading casts arohi nd arjun pair is very gud….especially arjun he is so talented…I wsh this wl go so longer…… kyonki…….

  4. vidi says:

    arohi u r very beautifuland arjun u r soooooo handsome

  5. dreamland says:

    u too are great

  6. dreamland says:

    u are too good looking

  7. princess says:

    arjun luks gr8 he is jus amazing….

  8. missti says:

    you both are rocking on the show
    don’t let me down show as mush attitude as you both can!!!

  9. pranoy says:

    arohi…u r so beautiful…..

  10. Amul says:

    Krutika kamra as Aruhi is very beautiful and i love her very much

  11. nikita says:

    this serial is gud,hope it will not get boring..starting is gr8 nd the chemistry between arjun and arohi is mindblowing..please keep the masala at same pace…all the best…..

  12. Ganrraj says:

    arohi ur looking sweet @beautiful & arjun u r looking handsome ………………….ilove u

  13. tanisha roy says:

    tooooooooooooooo great……n i love it………………sometimes makes it feel that its really one true story

  14. tanisha roy says:

    u both jodi is also so so so so cute n nice………………………………………….(romantic)

  15. Kartika Puri says:

    i think i m in luv wid Arjun punj………..!

  16. Pooja says:

    Im in love wid karan hes amazin as arjun. Karan n Kritika have got an amazin chemistry they look gr8 together. Luv u guys.

  17. Abeera(Angel) says:

    this drama going to b rock i luv this drama specially Arjun u r great!!!!i love this drama n the music is Awesome n superb!!n n the love story i think is fabbbbb!

  18. aakriti saxena says:

    This is for the 1 who has written this review. At least correct your english before thinking to write in it…had you written in HIndi, your attempts would have been much more commendable.

    Secondly, i think its a great show, at least till now, and Love Stories always work, because they are heart-warming & give us a little more Hope to live with!!!

    So for all you non-believers, take heed, you might just fall for this one!!!

  19. Sanskriti says:

    Arjun Punj….. I love to see his innocent face and kiddish smile

  20. SUNNY says:


  21. Amandeep says:

    Excellent Program,

    I just love watching out the only program in my listing.
    Very romantic and undoubtedly inspirational for lovers as well.

    I congratulate Balaji Tel. for their another good creation after Kasauti …., I suppose, in terms of Romance & Dialogues.

  22. manaswini says:

    arohi u r so beautiful and arjun u r very handsome,i am watching only one serial n that is kitani mohabat hai.

  23. Abhinash says:

    i fall in love with u.
    u r so cute,beautiful.
    i have never seen such a beautiful lady.

  24. vinod says:

    Arohi u r my life nothing else bcz without u my life is nothing

  25. vinod says:

    i like u
    i love
    i want u
    i like u smile and when i saw u i realy thankfull of god dat made just a lovely and finomanal lady for me

  26. vinod says:

    jub kabhi mein kho jao to muje dhoned logey n
    jub kabhi mein tanhaa raho mera saath dogey n
    jub kabhi muskill ho deger tum seng chologey n

  27. vinod says:

    dill ye mera tumsey kuch kehraha hai sono n
    i wanna to work with u

  28. vinod says:

    I just love watching out the only program in my listing.
    Very romantic and undoubtedly inspirational for lovers as well.

    I congratulate Balaji Tel. for their another good creation after Kasauti …., I suppose, in terms of Romance & Dialogues

  29. vinod says:

    congratulate Balaji Tel. for their another good creation after Kasauti …., I suppose, in terms of Romance & Dialogues.

  30. kandarp says:

    i really like Kitani mohabbatein ..serial..its a really good to watch and listen its title

    if anybody help me for its title song where can i download or purchase

    please guide me .. or mail me at

    Arjun & Aarohi are my all time fav. after best of luck guys ..

  31. kandarp says:

    thanks for doing 5 days a week ..its a gre8 move

  32. Harita says:

    Hey arjun and arohi i totaly luv KMH . There is so much honesty in d way u 2 act its so believable gud 2 hav such a fun sho amidst dis heavy duty social drama i hope dis balaji soap doesnt get boring latr on u 2 r lovely 2 watch

  33. Nilu says:

    hiiii Arjun !
    i like you too much
    i watch kitani mohabbat hai
    because of youuuuuuuuuu…
    i want to see u
    i want ur photograph

  34. Nilu says:

    thanks 4 doing 5 days in a week…….

    i m very happyyy

  35. Nilu says:

    itz an amazing crush of arjun and arohi

  36. Nilu says:

    im doing job but at 10.30 i watch this serial any how..

    itz an excellent program

  37. Nilu says:

    arjun i want to meet u………


  38. Nilu says:

    i love u

  39. Nilu says:

    now after 10 min i will watch kitani mohhabat hai………

    my 1 of the most fav program

  40. Nilu says:

    i like to watch repeated shows
    of kitani mohabat hai

    i like this serial too much…………..

  41. preeti says:

    i love arohi nd arjun
    love to see them together
    plz help to get the title track as soon as possible nd how to download it …..
    i want the song
    i love watching it nd it rocks

  42. NAOMI says:

    roohi nnn arjun u both r my favroute.i luv u both vvv much.

  43. kirti sharma says:

    hi…..i luv this show …..i luv its title track very very much plz play it on every episode……
    i luv arohi,arjun very much…….

  44. sameerjamsudkar says:

    i love the Tital song & music by heart,i want this song please please send me link to download please please please

  45. vaishali sharma says:

    i love the serial.arjun and arohi are just great.
    the title songis awesome.

  46. ayushi singh says:

    fantastic chemistry & fabulous story
    arjun &arohi

  47. dorna says:

    hi i love this serial very much but i hove a problem i am a pershian girl and i connot under stand hendi i just whach the serial but i dont understand it is there any where that help me to understand the subject of the film?

  48. Maariyah says:

    I think this serial is sooo good. Arjun is soo fit

  49. sucheta says:

    hiiii,i luv arjun n arohiis romance…i want to download all the tracks of kitani….can someone tel me from where…esp..tere ishq mai….

  50. Yaibem says:

    I lv dis show too much.cant even mis a single day.hope it cmes whole week

  51. falaq says:

    hye i love the chemistry n want the title song of thzzz thz serial how i can get that plz let me know great superb job u guyzzzzz r doing keep up the gooood workkkkkkk.

  52. afreen jamal says:

    i lv d is fantastic.ihadnot miss a single episodes of it.i even see its repat telicast.
    my family members say dat i am mad but i loved it.
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee karan kundra/arjun punj.when i see d serial i also think dat somebody somewhere is mad for me just like arjun.
    please all people see dis serial i am sure u loved it.its timing mon-fri 8:00 &10:30pm.

  53. smriti says:

    i jst luv dis serial…arjun is awsmmmm… hai yaar…bt plz sm1 can convey ekta kapur dat plz dnt make dis serial a drama in a few days…show arjun arohi luving plzzz…

  54. kiran savaliya says:

    i like this serial but you must not change arohi’s badi maa.please

  55. sonel_rocking says:

    hi there……..i think dis serial is VERY diff from other ekta serials…..arohi ka character is very nice…..arjun luks gr8…….i find no fault in dis serial….i luv it fully……..ekta has done an amzing job….

    par bandini bahut hi bakwas aur pita hua serial hai….vo “ni sa sa” vali tuning is damn irritating…….its a replica of virasat movie…..

    nd plz visit my blog: for all interesting things and stuff bout television

  56. chirag says:

    i like this serial

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