Kambakkht Ishq, Naughty Akshay & Kareena

We just said ‘naughty’ Akshay and Kareena but others are saying in more harsher words regarding first preview of this upcoming movie.


Kambakkht Ishq is a comedy flick starring Akshay and Kareena. First look poster has akshay wearing boxing gloves resting on Kareena (who know where). Yeah, this looks funny but has it crossed line to be sleazy.

If that was not enough, reports suggest Censor board in no mood to have Ishq with this movie. Kareena calls Akshay DOG in the movie while Akshay calls Kareen BIT*H. This male – female dog flying might result in A status for the movie – Kambakkht yeh Censor board, bow bow…

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Comments (1) Friday, April 3rd, 2009

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