Indian Idol as GIRL? Sonali, Eat your words plzzzz

Sonali Bendre is looking all fresh as judge on Indian Idol and saying fresh things like “Girl as an IndianIdol”. She says this in every episode, so that Junta can listen and vote accordingly.

Somali Bendre on IndianIdol

But, is anyone listening? NOT really, one after another girl contestant are being eliminated from the GALA round. Last episode had Sonali in tears seeing another deserving girl contestant ‘Shini’ out of the competition.

Some boys performed real bad and one among those should be out. Anyway, as Javed Akhtar pointed out – this is society, religion and stuff that does not allow girls to come up. Point taken and we are already seeing results for the same – as per comment by Javed Saab.

With all this going around, Sonali might have to EAT her words and see a boy as Indianidol. This season has real good girl singers, hope some people are listening to Sonali and Javed Akhtar and vote for girl contestants. Wonder WHY Annu Malik don’t rhyme heavily on the issue… hmmm – sab Golmaal!

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