How did Kareena Lose weight & inches so fast?

Everyone struggling to lose weight must be wondering… How the hell kareena lose so much weight? And now being very close to size ZERO. Did Saif do any magic or kareena went on crash diet to be in slim shape?

Lean Kareena in Tashan

Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t dieting or somebody’s pressure that took air off kareena. It was actually serious YOGA that helped kareena to take off that flab or whatever ;)  

Lean Kareena in Tashan Lean Kareena in Tashan

100 Surya Namaskars, 500 Kapal Bhattis were part of her daily routine. Now this is serious stuff, it isn’t being a star.  Anyway, on the first place there was no need to lose soo much weight…

…unless Tashan makers or Saif had different plans. Kareena looks sexy but weird with such bonny structure. Do you like kareena minus curves?

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11 Responses to “How did Kareena Lose weight & inches so fast?”
  1. saleha khan says:

    hi i am saleha khan i am loss my weight i am 18 yers my height 5;4 my weight is 60 please tell me how can iloss my weright

  2. hi as usual i want 2 know how kareena kapoor lose so please tell me how i can lose weight

  3. vini contractor says:

    heyy m 19 yrs old. ma height is 155 cms n weighin 51 but m aspirin 2 b size zero in next 3 months can i know wt should i weigh n wat should b ma fig?????

  4. tenzin lhaky says:

    helow, m tenzin n m19 years . ma heigmht is 5.6 n i weig.h above 65 kg.. mrealy desprate to loose sum weight.. so pls tell me how kan we do it within 3 4 months…

  5. prema says:

    heyy m 28 yrs old. ma height is 5ft 2inch n weighin 64but m aspirin 2 b size zero in next 3 months can i know wt should i weigh n wat should b ma fig?????

  6. Rajya says:

    hey…..i am 15 years old….i am 5ft 3 inches…and i am 53 kgs I am 34″ 26″35″
    i want to lose atleast 4 kgs… can i lose 4 kgs in a month…plz tell me….i do cycling for 1 hr….skipping for 15 minz and aerobics for 1 hr a day…..if there is any diet plan i can follow please tell me…i also want to lose 3-4 inches on my waistline and 1-2 inches on my but…………… :)….

  7. komal chaprana. says:

    hi i m 17 yrs old mah height is 5.8 n weight is 58 ……
    i want a zero size figure …i wana remove the fat datz on mah thies n hip.
    so plzz tell me hw ….

  8. jas says:

    im 29, weight weigh 43-44kg.Its taken me 4years to gain the last 4 kgs (i was 39-40 in 2005).. clothes fit me better, just lovin it.. The most exercise i get it walking to the mall during lunch hours .. and the occassional shopping…
    To all you girls out there.. just 1 advise.. keep you weight to a healthy level and you’ll look amazing! Dont go for the size zero s*****…. Ive been there (without choice) and am loving my new self… its really boosted my self confidence!

  9. jas says:

    ps: im only 155cm in height…

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