Heroes Movie ROCK – Saandh will Charm You !!!

Heroes looks like a WAR movie – actually its about people involved in war and not war per say. In the big names, Sohail Khan (aka Saandh) & Vatsal Seth (aka Nawab Saab) will steal your heart.

Heroes Movie ROCK - Saandh will Charm You !!!

One moment you are laughing out loud and other moment tears might tickle down your cheek. It has mind blowing performance by Preity Zinta and Salman Khan.

Every star in the movie fit role very well. It has its share of action with hollywood style fight scene of Sunny Deol – its picturized so very well.

It is among few movies which send patriotic message without boring you. When the movie ends, you feel good about being Indian and very good about Indian army.

Hey Nazara people, watch this movie – you will feel better and more happy being an Indian. AND yes, get ready to laugh out loud. HEROES get 5/5 – a must watch!

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Comments (2) Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

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2 Responses to “Heroes Movie ROCK – Saandh will Charm You !!!”
  1. ravina says:

    i love you salman also your brothetr ok

  2. IndianGlam says:

    I guess the author has written a review for some other movie. If the movie was so good, why did it bomb at the box office? The message is clear for Sunny and Salman… its time for them to quit acting.

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