Arslaan, Sony Gets new Weekend Super Hero

Arslaan is new super hero kinda show ready to hit Sony this weekend. “… It is a coming of age magical story of a young boy who goes on to become a Superhero Arslaan! It is set in the olden times, 3000 years ago in the past.”

Arslaan on Sony

“… His quest for identity takes him on a journey that brings out the superhero within. His supernatural powers ultimately help him in vanquishing the evil lord (Zaakfaar), to reinstate goodness in this world.”

Arslaan on Sony

“… Zaakfaar, the evil lord, has formed an army of mutants, with the help of whom he wishes to rule the world.” Good vs Evil, checkout this weekend super hero on Sony at 7pm, sounds interesting? [Official Arslaan Site]

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Comments (14) Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

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14 Responses to “Arslaan, Sony Gets new Weekend Super Hero”
  1. shikha says:

    hey………..this guy is good……..this serial is diff………

  2. crystallis says:

    asslan’s costume is such a copy of cloud strife and the colour scheme too is a rip off of prince of persia worrior within and he calls himself original WTF

  3. Abhinav says:

    The hero of this show is dressed like ‘Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII’ and the villain looks like ‘Shephiroth again from Final Fantasy VII’ and one of the girl with blue dress of this show is dressed like ‘Chun Li from Street Fighter’

  4. Sukhada says:

    The storyline and the costume of Arslaan are copied from Final Fantasy 7 : Advent children . Maybe you should watch this movie instead 🙂

  5. mohit mehta says:

    i hv seen the trailer of this serial and i m very excited about wt will be story of this serial. It’s looks diff. from other boring saas bahu serial. It is like a previous Sagar Arts serial Hatim but with a different story. Thanks Sagar Arts for producing this kind of serial.

  6. Ansu says:

    What I would just say is that the hero’s dress is a direct copy of the “FFVII Advent Children” Hero Cloud Strife’s dress………..and the villian’s dress is that of the the same film’s Sephiroth’s dress…………** **** to those who made the the costume……………….and the sword…………it looks hellishly small………………good for a joker……..

  7. Nayab says:

    why everyone is just commenting on his dress.everyone everywhere copy to some extent.may be his dress somewhat copied and may be sm scenes also.but atleast they hv tried to attempt smthing different.hero is really gud looking n his acting is really very good.i hope this show and teen hero arslaan will get of luck to arslaan

  8. Tabinda says:

    yes i agree wid nayab.mostly hindi movies are copied but why we watch hindi movies.i respect ur comments but guys dont be so unpleasant.thnx.funny scenes really make me laugh.this guy’s acting is really original.but story should be handled with care.

  9. Harshal dhanke says:

    Hello sagar arts the one of the most greatest production house that ever made in india i like your every serial specially you are made serials of superheros it is amazing really i am telling you i am very big fan of your and your serials specially hatim what a amzing script in that every serials eg. In hatim dajjal ke 7 sawalo ke jawab what a great adventure in this serial thanku sir my polite request is you made hatim again with rahil azam in hatim 2 thanku sir

  10. qurat says:

    this is very nic &sweet neil u r sooo handsome

  11. qurat says:

    this drama is sooo intresting & it is different and nice

  12. nidhi says:

    i dont like arslaan serial,
    even i dont like the lead actor.

  13. Mishu says:

    Oh,my. The first time I saw the trailer I was all amused at the fact that Arslaan’s costume looked like really bad immitation of Cloud Strife’s clothing from Advent Children. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed. Not to mention the “Sephiroth” in rather unconvincing as well. I don’t know how the story is set, but the fact that they copied from something as popular as Final Fantasy VII is quite upsetting. And they weren’t even subtle about it. The story line may be different, but character composition and design is a big part of the it all, so it lowered my expections for the series because,well, I’m a crazed FFVII fan. The CG movie is really good, totally recomend it to anyone who likes animated fighting. It’s just brilliant.
    Though the trailer of Arslaan made me a bit upset, it also perked up my interesting in the series. I want to see how they manage to play with the story and the character development! This is truly different. It could have been even better if it was more original but- oh well. I hope Arslaan has a great stay!

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