Another new Dr Ridhima (Ritz) on Dil Mil Gaye

Dil Mil Gaye is a sweet and very cool show on Star One. Its female leads keeps changing and now we have another new Dr Ridhima (Ritz).


First it was Shilpa Anand and we kept asking “Where is Shilpa Anand aka Dr. Riddhima?” Please comeback. Forget about her coming back, now current Ridhima ‘Sukriti Khandpal’ is OFF the show.

Jennifer Winget is new Ritz on the show (remember female lead of show Sangam on Star Plus). Yeah, she is cute and might strike chord with her character of sweet female doctor – what say people?

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Comments (22) Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

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22 Responses to “Another new Dr Ridhima (Ritz) on Dil Mil Gaye”
  1. fbgdhbrgt says:

    Jennifer Winget is cute but I still don’t like her as Dr. Ridhima.

  2. fbgdhbrgt says:

    actually jennifer winget is sooo cute na!

  3. fbgdhbrgt says:

    actually jennifer winget is sooo cute.

  4. Sidhant Das says:

    Jennifer… U r the best…..
    I love u………

  5. mona says:

    jennifer is any time better than shilpa & sucriti so jennifer u r just osam

  6. mona says:

    i wanna see fights between araman & ridds(new one)

  7. nadia says:

    jennifer is better than sukriti but not prefect ridhima role because shilpa is the best she is only our ridhima .dil mil gaye incompelete without shilpa anand.we all request please shilpa come back dmg serial.

  8. nadia says:

    i stop watching dil mil gaye serial i pray shilpa come back dmg .koi b new ridhima shilpa ki jaga nh le sakte.jab tak shilpa anand dil mil gaye serial mai thi tab tak dmg best serial tha but shilpa k jane k bad bakwas serial kar dia hai.p/z i request shilpa come back dmg.

  9. MUSKAAN says:


  10. jayesh says:

    shilpa was ok…………sukriti ur beautiful darling but u need to improvise on ur acting skills i still love u darling no hard feelings……………..but jennifer is the best …………..armaan teri toh lottery nikal gayi saale :)………….

  11. payal says:

    i m watching dmg 4m the 1st episode since today …i like everything in this serial except this idiot concept of changing ritz…..the 1 which i like is sukirti she is only fits in this serial as riddhima . i really belive bcoz she is looking cute..beautiful,innocent,talented,smart ,intelligent and young ….her body structure fits with arman .compared to others ritz.rightnow playing jennifer is tooo thin looking like a daughter of arman …1 st was still okkkk

    i can say that when sukirti was playing dmg was awesome and comedy like khichddi but now bakwas .not interesting .i realy miss u sukirti

  12. sanya says:

    plz plz plz bring sukeerti back

  13. menakshi says:

    our only ridhima shilpa anand

  14. umair says:

    hi sukriti……………m missing u…..u have played awesome character yaar,,,
    please come back….you know my love just look likes you…n i feel lucky…..

  15. kushal says:

    Yeah.!! she is DAMN cute. And i love her alot. I wish i could meet her personally for at least 2 min. Now just hope this ritz should not be replaced.

  16. komal says:

    pls please shilpa or sucrti come back dmg serial.
    jennifer is not at all fit for riddhima..

  17. Krupali says:

    Arman u too good. Shilpa is also good. sukriti and jeni is also good. but i miss shilpa. Plz shilpa come back. say bye to film indusri. dmg needs u. plz plz plz plz plz plz

  18. nisha kapoor says:

    i just like jeniffer as ridhima v. much. she is really v. cute n sweet.
    but pls, donn change dis one as i think she fits the best 4 the role as compare to old one sukriti….
    Jennifer U JUST ROCK ON THE show….

  19. maryum says:

    oloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dil mil gaye

  20. ritz says:

    i think sukriti was the best person for the role so far 101 times better than shilpa or jennifer. she was beautiful andthe role suited her really well. i feel bored watchin the show now.

  21. sudhip307 says:

    i am a regular viewer of dil mil gaye….and i belive JENNIFER WINGET is the best cute face the show ever had.
    i am sure she would add extra spark with her charm to the show.
    i am a dear fan of jennifer…i believe she has the perfect look for the sweet cute girl type of role in bollywood….
    i wish she could make it to the top spot one day.
    all the best

  22. nadia says:

    i am a regular watch dil mil gaye serial but belive me shilpa ki jada koi nahi le sakta .shilpa anand is only our ridhima.jennifir is very cute but she is not our ridhima.our ridhima is only shilpa anand.i wish shilpa cum back dil mil gaye n we all miss shilpa anand role of ridhima.we all request please cum back dil mil gaye.dil jmil gaye incompelete without shilpa ananad.

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